Light electricity

Light electricity

Oooops, I forgot something when I did my electricity ... I used the same power cable to power up everything.

So, I did a paper schema of my plumbing + electricity and come to the conclusion, that it would be better to have a dedicated cable on each one, that would me allow to control them independently directly (without adding zigbee/wifi automation yet).

So being able to power off them easily from my shed is my objective.

I will have 3 main power cable:
* For the lights
* For the pump
* For UV

I need to buy new cables then. But waiting for it, I decided to use my lunch break on friday to dig a bit and prepare the lights.

I will have 3 lights in the pond and 6 lights for the river+waterfall.

Those lights have been given to me by a friend, they've been bought some time ago, so they aren't the last model from OASE using led. I will probably look for replacing the bulb by a led one in the future, but considering the price of those projectors, it's currently a good deal ^^

So this manhole will allow me to quickly connect things or add later some zigbee/wifi automation to control the lights independently.

I plan to cover this manhole with the tarpaulin and then add some white gravel/stones. I will still have a quick access to it, but it will remain invisible :-)