To add some plants in the pond, I went with a Laguna.

Instead of using rich earth (what people are usually doing), I'm using Pouzzolane.

It's also called lava stone. The great benefit of it, is that it's poor and can host a lot of bacterias.

So I used some PVC tubs that where I made a lunge. Then I recovered with all the pouzzolane.
This will allows me to plant directly into the pouzzolane. I will plug my pump directly into my tub, and this will send to the plants/pouzzolane all fish droppings that will be consumed by bacterias and plants.

So instead of consuming a rich earth, this laguna encourage plants to consume the droppings and clean in a better way the water.

I had to clean the pouzzolane in my wheelbarrow as it needs to be rinsed multiple time before being introduced in the water.

After a looonnnggg cleaning (because I had 3 bags of big pieces, and 6 bags of a smaller ones).

This ended up with a nice "beach" that frog (I named her Kalhua) really enjoy !