Day 8

Day 8

The weather is really bad. Sun, rain, sun, rain, hard to find a window to work in the garden with the right conditions.

And worse, the ground is wet making things complicated, having a lot of mud.

Anyway, I managed to prepare the filtration.
The pump is sending the water to the pressured filter with all the filters+bioballs, and it looks like I have a decent water flow to have later my waterfall (else I'll add another pump).

I plugged the electricity from the shed, making a derivation to power the UV lamp, the pump and later the light spots.
It's not the definitive position of the filter, it will be placed under the fountain/waterfall I plan to create, but at least, it's working.

With the filtration powered, I'll be able to add the bacteria needed to have fishes in a month \o/