Day 1

Day 1

Ready... go !

During the morning, I went to LeroyMerlin to buy some stuff for plumbering and some tools to dig (just broke my pickaxe).

Thanks to my awesome dad (we have an awesome family always available to help), I finally have some water in the garden.

I know that's not the recommended size for water tubs. I should have at least a 25 ... but the only way to get the water from the garage is through a 16mm, there was no other way to get it.

So, considering I will have few electrovalves, I should have enough pressure (3,5 bars, 1,8m3/h) to water the garden correctly. I'll just have to maje multiple networks and program valves to not water at the same time.

I also decided to move the box for the valves, as it was in the middle. I bought some cement, some breeze blocks, and all the stuff to create the pond I want.

All around the pond, I started to dig (well, kuddos to my kids who helped on it) to have all my cables (elec + water) underground.

There's still a lot of work to do, to dig still 20cm ... I'm already exhausted, it just started ^^!